New FLYSH song, sign up for free download

Experimental metal band FLYSH has a new song for you, recorded during the sessions for “SOUNDTRACK OF A FUTURE MOTION PICTURE”. You can download it for free by signing up to our  shiny fresh newsletter, which will subsequently provide you with fresh updates about FLYSH news, like new releases, shows, merch etc…I’m hearing rumors about some sexy shirt designs coming up soon…



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FLYSH release new single “PAID FOR”

Strazz / Indie Fraze band FLYSH are thrilled to smack you in the face with our latest single “PAID FOR”. We promised a big bad riff bomb and it is delivery time. Light it up, pass it on and share the living meat out of this wakie bakie tune. 



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FLYSH release music video for “BOILING”

Strazz / Indie Fraze band FLYSH have a brand new music video for you. It’s violent, it’s dirty, it’s groovy as hell and you know you want it. Please do enjoy and share until it bleeds. More to come real soon…


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Strazz / Indie Fraze

Est. 2018 

“Spawned in 2018 from the depths of eastern Germany, experimental metal band FLYSH offers a mighty head trip of a sound. Between a stunning variety of styles, textures and moods the listener finds common threads in commanding groove, stark contrasts, extreme attitude and tasty hooks. A barrage of extreme metal, flavored with many stylistic breakouts that see the implementation of Industrial, Jazz, Rap, Electronica, Cinematic Music and more. An exciting mix that hardly ever ceases to surprise, with the debut album “Soundtrack Of A Future Motion Picture” leaning hard on big riffs and captivating melodies. If you’re used to easy listening, this record will take you for a wild ride. Make sure to catch FLYSH live to witness a high energy show full of raw spirit and enthusiasm, in the future or on the internet.”


Leonard Kinne
07743 Jena
Tel: +995 591 088871 
Fax: 833 412 2167